What is a Referral Directory?

Sort of Like the "Yellow Pages"... except it's Red!

As part of our on-going (and still free!) Client Appreciation Program, we are pleased to provide you with the Nordstrom Network Referral Directory.

An "A to Z Listing"

The Referral Directory contains a wide range of South Florida business and professional services...an a to z listing of full service, highly regarded professional and business establishments.  When you're stumped regarding whom to call and you're hesitant to contact a stranger from the yellow pages (or the internet), it's a perfect resource!

Everyone's Been Referred!

Participation in the Nordstrom Network Referral Directory is by "invitation only" for business which have been used by us or which have been referred to us by our clients.  We would like to thank those of you who referred quality business people in our community and those of you who were kind enough to give us references.  While we can't guarantee the quailty of the work any of these folks will provide, we do feel we can give a strong recommendation for each and every person.

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Oh, By the Way... we're never too busy for any of your referrals!