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A Gift for the Heart!

True story:  A few months ago, a writer in Arizona, "Todd R. Nordstrom," was searching on the internet for articles and reviews of a book he had co-authored with a top heart surgeon.  In doing so, he also found the Nordstrom Network!  Intrigued by our web site and referral based business (not to mention someone with his name), "Todd R. Nordstrom" contacted "S. Todd Nordstrom" to introduce himself.  (Trust me, it's pretty strange hearing a voice mail with "your" name but not "your" voice!).  Since then, we've traded e-mails, voice mails... and a book!  

Before you ask (and I know you will), I HAVE read the book and found it to be a fun and easy read, not to mention very interesting!  And, in addition to making heart disease easy to understand, it really could keep you or someone you love from having a HEART ATTACK!  Heart disease, unfortunately, is THE leading cause of death in the USA, with nearly 650,000 deaths attributed in 2005, according to the National Center for Health Statistics.

Now, thanks to the power of Google and good karma, members of the Nordstrom Network can purchase this life-saving book for only $17.50 (an incredible savings of 30% off retail price), which INCLUDES a $5 donation to Dr. Lundell's new charity, The Healthy Humans Foundation -- an organization dedicated to health and disease prevention education for children, employers, and civic groups!

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