Exclusively by Referral

Most real estate agents spend the majority of their time and resources prospecting for new business--things like:  cold calling, door knocking, advertising, direct mail, internet leads, etc...

We at the Nordstrom Network don't spend any time trying to solicit business from the general public.  Instead, we devote ourselves to serving the needs of our clients before, during, and after each transaction.  This means our clients always receive our undivided attention and dedication.  Our focus is providing quality service and attention to detail you have come to expect.

What does that mean to you?  The highest level of service from the Nordstrom Network team.  All we ask is that while we're working for you, we would like you to refer us to people of comparable quality to yourself, who are thinking of the type of service we provide, and who would appreciate this same level of attention.

You see, as long as our clients keep referring us, we don't have to go out prospecting like everyone else, and we can do an ever better job working for you and your referrals.  Does that make sense?

 To us, the most important thing is building strong, lasting relationships.  Our goal is to become Your Trusted Advisor and Partner in Real Estate

Oh, by the way -- As your trusted Real Estate Advisor, we're never too busy to help your friends and family with their Real Estate needs.   Just give us a call with their name and number;  we'll be happy to follow-up and offer the same high quality service you've come to expect.